Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tween Tuesday: Winning Team

 * Go-for-Gold Gymnasts Series #1*

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Britt was an amazing gymnast in Ohio. Her parents moved to Texas so she could train at an elite team and continue her dream of becoming a gymnastic super star.

Britt walks into a gym where three girls already have a tight friendship. They're not sure they want another gymnast. Britt attempts a prank, which backfires. She attempts to be funny, which backfires. The last straw for Britt might be breaking someone's confidence. 

Britt's walking a fine line, trying to be the best gymnast while trying to fit in. In the Elite group, can you have both?

My Thoughts: I like the start of this new series, especially since one of the authors is an Olympic medalist.  I remember watching her as a young girl and being in amazed by her! To me, this read like a tween version of the ABC Family show Make It or Break It. I liked learning more about gymnastics. Some of Britt's actions were cringe-worthy  but I also felt bad for her. It's hard to break into an existing friendship. Although I did admire her courage for breaking the confidence of the only girl who  liked her. I'm curious to see where this series will go.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
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