Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Hidden

 * End of the trilogy - read my reviews for books one and two*

Jacinda has the perfect escape plan to leave behind her life with the draki and to find out what happened to her family.  Unfortunately, the guilt she feels for Miram's capture weighs upon her.

Jacinda can't leave Cassian's sister to the humans. She helps formulate a plan that will get her captured. From there, Will, Cassian, and Tamra will break them both out. The prison isn't what Jacinda imagines - it's brutal. The humans want to break her and then uncover her secrets.

Jacinda isn't sure she can last the day or two it will take for her rescue. Miram isn't interested in leaving. They've broken her. Jacinda uses Cassian's name to spur her into motion. Jacinda hopes that she can last without breaking to ensure the success of her mission and her escape into the happily ever after with Will.

My Thoughts: A great ending to a steamy, heart-pounding, action packed trilogy. I love how each book layers upon the danger of the world knowing the draki secret. I love the romance between Will and Jacinda - and also the pull Jacinda feels for Cassian. I loved the relationship between Jacinda and her sister. They were friends, then almost enemies, and then friends again. It's the normal sisterly relationship. I was both fascinated and horrified to learn the secrets behind Jacinda's family. A perfect trilogy for those readers who are looking for a steamy fantastical story.

Cover Thoughts: I love the flowing red hair and how this book cover ties into the others
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