Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: Fangirl

Josie loves writing songs, but she doesn't have the courage to sing them. She thinks her voice is terrible. She and her BFFF Ashley attend a Peter Maxx concert one night. Josie believes that she and Peter make a connection. She knows nothing would ever happen, but it still makes her night. She's not prepared the next day when she's ambushed at school. Ashley submitted her song to a contest to meet Peter. Suddenly Peter is there before her, hugging her for the whole world to see.

Peter finds himself intrigued by this fan. Peter's tired of all the publicity, the tours, and the attention. He just wants some time to himself. He wants to feel normal again. He breaks up with his girlfriend, a member of the opening act for his tour to help put things in perspective. Peter can't get Josie out of his head. Could there be a way to for them to be together?

My Thoughts: An interesting debut novel from Ken Baker, set in the world he knows best. I liked the Cinderella aspect of this novel. I really enjoyed reading Josie's songs. I love how she could express herself in a song as she couldn't express herself in life. I felt bad for her at times and wanted to shake her at other times.  I sympathized with Peter for not knowing who he could trust and not being happy with his life of fame.  I didn't like the language used in parts of the book - it kept distracting me from the story. I didn't like the random tweets nor the "shortcut words" like totes. I though that ending was rushed, which makes me wonder if there's another book in the works. These little details kept me from loving the book, but I enjoyed it and I know several teen girls in my library who will devour it!

Cover Thoughts: Interesting
Source: Sent for review
Fun Fact: Ken Baker works for E! and has worked for People and US Weekly.

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