Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Night She Disappeared

Gabie switched shifts at the pizza joint, where she works, with Kayla. Kayla had a date on Friday. When a mysterious call requests a pizza delivery, Drew doesn't think twice about it. Kayla goes to deliver the pizza and never returns.

Now Drew feels terrible as the police attempt to figure out what really happened that night. He shares information about the call to Gabie, telling her that the man asked if the girl in the mini cooper was delivering tonight. Once she hears that, Gabie understands it's significance. She was supposed to be kidnapped.

Now she'll do anything to piece together the events that night to find Kayla before it's too late.

My Thoughts: A fast paced mystery set in a small town.

I can't imagine what must have gone through Gabie's mind when she heard the truth from Drew. I think she handled it with composure. I admired her determination to find Kayla and her insistence that her friend wasn't dead. Together she and Drew made a great team.

I liked the relationships in the book, mostly how you can be work with people and be friendly but never really know them. Of course, I liked watching the relationship develop between Drew and Gabie. I really enjoyed reading the story from multiple perspectives, it made me want to turn the pages faster.

I loved the setting of the pizza joint. I worked for one when I was in college and loved it. This brought back memories and you could smell the pizzas they were baking.

A gripping read full of friendship, determination, and creepy moments.

Cover Thoughts: Creepy and perfect to match the story

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