Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Timepiece

* Timespiece comes out June 12th.  
It's the sequel to Hourglass *

Kaleb meets Lily in a club one night - the night he learns the truth about the time continuum.  It's the night Emerson almost dies when the three friends are given an ultimatum. 

They must capture the elusive Jack in hopes of setting the time continuum back to normal. Otherwise, the past just might be re-written and might not include each other.

However, more and more rips are occurring and time is blending. Answers are hard to come by. Kaleb's father doesn't want him involved. He tries to keep Kaleb out of the group, but it's impossible. Kaleb feels everything and he's not about to sit around while there's work to do.

Lily (Em's best friend), Em, Michael, and Kaleb hunt down information that could help them. They're not sure what they're looking for and time is running out. Will they uncover enough information before the deadline or will their lives rewind? 

My Thoughts: I really really liked it! Timepiece is from Kaleb's perspective, which surprised me. I really liked Kaleb in Hourglass, but I did want to read more from Emerson and Michael. 

In the beginning, Kaleb's drowning his empathy ability in alcohol to numb the pain. He doesn't think his decisions through, making him a wild card. However, he's fiercely loyal. He changes through the book as he comes to understand the grave consequences of the broken timelines.  

The relationships within this series are amazing. I love the banter between him and Lily, it made me chuckle. Kaleb has family issues - with his mother in a coma and a father who almost died. His relationship with Michael is strained because Kaleb's father turns to Michael and not his own son. Plus Michael doesn't like Kaleb's relationship with Em. Em and Kaleb share a love, a love that's strong and determined. 

The time travel and time continuum is confusing to follow. I like uncovering pieces of the puzzle along with the main characters. I'm so looking forward to understanding it all when it comes together.  

Holy Cliff Hanger Ending! I really need book 3!

Cover Thoughts: I like it and it's beautiful, but I still don't understand it

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