Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Tour: Interview with Shannon Greenland

I really loved the Specialist series. I was so excited to hear about Shannon's latest book The Summer My Life Began. I'm pleased to be part of the blog tour. 

Shannon, Welcome to YA Book Nerd.

What made you choose to write YA?  Actually, my critique partner was the one who said I had a young voice and should try writing YA. Turns out she was right because I love it!

You mention on your website that you dreaded both reading and writing as a kid. When did that change? After college graduation a friend gave me a pile of books to read. One day out of sheer boredom I picked one up and found that I suddenly had a joy of reading. That joy sparked my interest to write.
I love this! What a great way to fall into writing.

Where do you write best? I write best with a legal pad and .9 pencil while lounging across my bed.

How do you get your ideas?  Do you use real events in your novels and if so, can you describe one? I draw from my travels, adventures, and people I meet when I plot books. For example in The Summer My Life Began, the surfing scene is very close to my own first time surfing. In my spy series, The Specialists, I got my fight scenes and training scenes from my own MMA experiences.
That sounds intense!

How did you come up with your title(s)? I must be horrible at creating titles because my editor always changes them. Personally, I love her titles much more than mine.

Can you tell us a little bit about The Summer My Life Began? Summer, tan skin, ocean, cute surfer boy, strolling a Farmer’s Market, riding tandem on a moped, lazy afternoons in a hammock, uncovering some unbelievable secrets, and did I mention cute surfer boy? 
I loved it! If you missed my review, check it out here

You list many adventurous activities on your website. Did any of them scare you? Do you have a favorite? Did you do any of them for research purposes? Sailing has got to be the scariest adventure—you’re out in the ocean with land miles and miles away—a big storm stirs and the sea sickness kicks in—I think it’s one of the only times I thought I might die. Would I do it again? Yes!

What will you do on your release day? The Barnes & Noble local to me is hosting a launch party. I can’t wait!

What was the last book you've read and been recommending to everyone? Hunger Games—both the book and movie were great.

Do you have a book crush? I just finished writing another romantic YA and I’m head over hills in crush with the main guy.
Oh my! I must get my hands on this one too! It sounds fabulous.

Do you have a favorite library experience? Several years ago a middle cchool library in Palm Coast, FL hosted a fabulous author talk surrounding my Specialists series. The kids were great, the hostess was wonderful, and the snacks she’d homemade were out of this world.

Are there any authors you’d love to meet? I’d say Suzanne Brockmann but I’ve already met her. Probably Collins since I just read the Hunger Games.

Do you have a favorite quote you’ve read? “Slow and steady wins the race”. I do a lot of running and coach a girls team and that is our/my mantra. Who cares if you win? Just finish and enjoy the experience.
Great advice!

Listing of your favorites:
            Candy Reese’s Cup
            Cake/Cupcake Flavor Carrot
            Ice Cream Anything Ben & Jerry’s
            Pizza topping Good ole pepperoni
            Genre of books YA: suspense/adventure/romance
            Singer and/or Song Train
            Restaurant Napoli’s pizza in St. Augustine, FL
            TV show /Movie New Girl
            Color Green
            Shoe Brooks running
            Video Game Old school Frogger

Thanks for chatting with me!
Thank you ever so much!
Be sure to check out Shannon's website as well as her Specialists series starting with Model Spy 

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