Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Cordially Unitvited

To the outside world, Claire might lead a normal life, but she has a secret. Her cousin is about to marry the Prince of England and she's going to be a bridesmaid! Claire's been keeping this secret from everyone in her life, including her best friend.

Before she knows it, she's on a plane to London. She can't wait to see Belle again. She's also nervous abut meeting the Prince. What if he's not good enough for her cousin?

As soon as she lands, Claire's treated like royalty herself between her posh hotel room, private tours of London with the bridal party, and private lunches with the soon to be Princess. There's only one issue with the wedding, another bridesmaid doesn't want to the wedding to happen.

Claire knows that Pandora's up to something and she makes it her personal mission to uncover any drama that might ruin Belle's wedding day.

My Thoughts: Jennifer Roy is part of the twin writing team of the Trading Faces books. I adore those books and thus was excited to learn about her newest book.

I devoured this book. I found Claire entertaining, sweet, and loyal to her family and friends. I liked how she questioned Belle's relationship and needed to see it with her own eyes. Belle was the perfect Princess to be. The private tour was great, I loved seeing bit of London and imagining myself there with them. While there's drama between Claire and Pandora, I loved the scenes between them. Claire isn't going to back down. She wasn't going to let Pandora's snotty remarks make her feel insecure. I loved the tiny bit of romance for Claire.

The idea of royalty makes me happy and I adore books with Princesses in them. I liked how this book didn't have a princess as the main character, but included scenes about life in the castle, the British aristocracy, and how life would change upon becoming a Princess.

Cover Thoughts: Cute!

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