Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Mine Till Midnight

Amelia Hathaway has her hands full keeping her family together. Her brother inherited a title, but after losing his fiancee, he's no longer cares about anything. Another sister is still recovering from a sickness which left her weak. her two other sisters need attention especially now that they're titled.

Amelia whisks her brother away from London and all it's vices to their new family home, only to discover the house is in shambles. After a near disaster, they find themselves staying with their neighbors the Westcliffs.

Amelia also finds a man who kissed her is in residence. Cam helped her find her brother one night and stole a kiss. She hasn't stopped thinking about him, even though she's long come to terms with her spinster status.

Will Cam change her mind?

My Thoughts: The start of a series for the Hathaway family is romantic, family oriented, and delightful. Amelia learned to stop controlling everything as she's forced to lean on Cam. She loves her family dearly but she needs to also begin to think of herself and her life. Her family has their funny quirks which add humor to the story. 

I loved seeing old friends from the Wallflower series. I adored those books and it was great catching glimpses into their world. I adore Lisa Kleypas books, but I think the Wallflower series are still my favorite. 

Cover Thoughts: Love the color of the dress

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