Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review: Insurgent

 * sequel to Divergent *

Tris's world collapsed when she realized  the lengths fractions would go to change the world. Now she's stuck under a mountain of grief, but struggles to uncover a way to help the people.

War is coming, but not everyone wants to choose sides. Tris and Four are running from the Erudite fraction. That fraction has secrets. Tris is curious to learn their secrets and why they're turning people against people. One thing is certain, they need to be stopped.

As the world's deteriorates, it's hard to know who to trust. Secrets spill out changing beliefs and sometimes loyalties.  Can Tris save the people she loves without spilling more bloodshed or will she die risking her life?

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series.

I love the romance between Tris and Four - the strength, the tenderness, their loyalty, and the heat.  They get a little off track in this book with their secrets.  

Tris goes through Hell in this book - first with guilt, then with compensation, and finally with torture. She's so strong yet her past propels her forward without thinking about her own future.  
I found this book to be highly emotional with lots of action and and danger. Tris's emotions of guilt made this book a heavy read. Tris risks her life multiple times to eavesdrop, save people, or recover an item. She's under a bridge, outnumbered with no weapon, and escaping from people who want to stop her. Her shock and guilt resemble PTSD. She shakes when a gun's put into her hand. She's rather be without weapons, but with all the danger, it's not the wisest choice she makes, With her judgement clouded with her emotions, Tris pushes herself and her body to the limit without caring about herself. She's self destructive but covers her behavior with a need to help and to save people. 

Insurgent isn't an easy book to read. I didn't devour it, but I did read it fairly quickly. There were moments when I had to put it down and step away from the weight of this book, which makes me think about the book more.  I couldn't stay away from the book for too long because it's simply an amazing read. The cliff hanger at the end sets up book 3 perfectly. I can't wait to uncover the truth.

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic

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