Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: At First Bite

* Sequel to This Totally Bites *
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Ashlee's queen bee life style has changed. First she's moving from New York to LA. Immediately she sees the girls she wants to befriend. Unfortunate due to massive sunburn, she's become a target of ridicule.

The sunburn happened when she went to the beach her first day in L.A. Since becoming a vampire, Ashlee hasn't had tome to read the manual. She had no idea how much trouble the time in the sun would cause her.

While she struggles to climb the social ladder and learn rules about being a vampire, she learns there is a vampire attacking people at her school. Can she help identify the attacker without spiller her own secrets?

My Thoughts: A cute paranormal tween read focusing on mysterious attacks, forming new friendships, and adjusting to a new school. I liked how Ashlee had to start over in a new school and how she found her footing. I liked the mystery of the attacks. I loved how the school play tied into both the attacks and Ashlee's new house. A great fun read for tweens who want to read about vampires

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: Inter-library Loan

Fun Fact: Ruth Ames is really YA Author Aimee Friedman!

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