Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Drop Dead Chocolate

*Book 7 in the series - read my review for the first book in the series Glazed Murder*

When reading the newspaper one day, Dorothy Heart sees red. when she learns about the mayor's latest scheme. She marches down to his office to get some answers. Suzanne follows her mother, wanting to see this argument.

Dorothy's unsatisfied with the conversation and threatens to run for against him for mayor. The mayor doesn't believe her, but by the end of the day, Dorothy has enough signatures to allow her name to be on the ballot.

When the mayor's body is found in a building that Dorothy owns, Suzanne knows she must investigate the murder. She doesn't want her mother's name dragged through the mud. She and her usual investigating team have a hard time narrowing down the suspect list. It seems everyone they talk to reveals someone else with a grudge against the mayor.

My Thoughts: I adore this series for the small charming town, the unique cast of characters, and the donuts.

I really liked Suzanne's mother and I'm happy her character had a bigger role in this book.  Previously we didn't know much about her except that she enjoyed cooking, read mystery novels, and dated the sheriff. After reading this book, I feel we came to know her a little better.

There were so many big changes for several of the characters in this addition to the series. They make me curious as to where the next book will lead. I want to learn more about Emma's future and what it will mean for Suzanne's shop. While I saw George's twist coming, I'm intrigued to see how it will change the books. 

I'm interested to undercover more about Grace and Peter's relationship. I hope the next book shares more details. I have a feeling Suzanne's right about Peter. 

Cover Thoughts: I love these covers - they're always amazing.

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