Friday, May 25, 2012

BEA: Making A Plan

Usually, I make plans and the moment I arrive at BEA, it's thrown out that window.

Things change when the lines are too long or there's a super great author I'm dying to meet that I didn't realize was going to be signing. There are times when stumble upon an author and track one down on the floor.

So, this year, I made a smart plan. (actually, I'm still making it and will probably tweak it all next week).

I made a list of publishers I want to visit and contacts I have at each of them. I'm hoping to be better this year about talking to those contacts. It's something that's hard for me because I'm super shy.

I made a list of authors and times they will be available.

Next week I'll finish off my excel file with Tuesday and Wednesday all scheduled out. I know my day won't go according to plan, but that way when I miss and author, I can still talk to the publisher about how I'm excited to read their book.

There are several ARCs that I can't wait to pick up and read along with several authors that I can't wait to meet. I love these days where I meet other book people and we get to talking in line. I learn about books I must read, am introduced to new authors, and new ideas to bring back to the library.

Several people are going from my library. We're working together to come up with a plan for the library in terms of most popular publishers we need to talk to, titles we want more information about, and titles to pick up.

Several items we use as summer reading program prizes and it's awesome that the kids/teens get excited about an upcoming book.  They love looking at the new posters on the wall and grabbing new bookmarks. I simply love it when I hear them talking about books!

Do you have a plan or are you a fly by the seat of your pants person?

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AliyaPM said...

I've been planning out my time there for the past two days, but there's so much I want to do! There's no way for me to get everywhere. It's my first time going, so I'm not sure if I'll stick to my plans.