Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: The Phantom of the Post Office

 * 4th book in the series*

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Seymour and his family mail their work to fans all over the world. In return, they get fan letters. They love getting letters. However, one letter worries Seymour . He finds it creepy. While he doesn't mind writing letters, he would really like a phone.

Olive is never getting a phone. She hates technology.
Unfortunately, their local post office will be closing and testing a brand new product. Not everyone's on board with this new product.  

Seymour learns that the person sending them the creepy fan mail lives in Ghastly. As he tries to uncover the identity of this person, strange things start happening to him. Could he be in danger from the letter writer?

My Thoughts: I really like this series! It's so funny, charming, smart, and unique. I love the letters, the newspaper articles, and the drawings.

I started reading this series because we used Dying to Meet You for our 4th and 5th grade book club. I've been hooked on the book series ever since. We've used it with other groups and all three times, everyone raves about it! I'm so happy to learn there's at least one more in the works where they go to Hollywood.

I like how they talk about letters and if writing letters is too old fashioned for the times of texting. Seymour meets a girl who bets her uncle she won't text for a whole month. Instead, she and Seymour exchange letters in order to communicate. 

A really fun fast read with lots of danger and with a fun side story about The Phantom of the Opera. 

Cover Thoughts: Great!  I love M. Sarah Klise's work!
Source: My Library

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