Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Shut Out

Lissa hates it when he boyfriend fights with the soccer guys. She particularly hates it when he leaves her in the back seat of his car to chase after them. She has a hard time expressing her feelings to him of the hurt, anger, and cheapness she feels.

After he leaves her arms to play yet another prank on the soccer guys, Lissa realizes that she's had enough. The football team and the soccer team have been at odds for years. She bets that the current teams don't even know why they're fighting, except that it's tradition.

She wants to break the tradition. She emails all the girlfriends of the football players and her ex-best friend who's dating a soccer star. Lissa explains her idea: stop hooking up with the guys until this feud ends.

Soon it's girls against the boys. Who will win this war???

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this read. I loved how the girls came together, not just to fix the issues with their boyfriends, but how they really became friends. I loved how they began to talk frankly about sex and relationships and double standards. I really loved the relationship between Lissa and Cash.

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Cover Thoughts: I really like it - doesn't the model look like Liv Tyler?

Source: From the publisher

Out: September 5th

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