Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Fashion: Favorite Dresses

I confess I adore watching the Red Carpet and seeing all the dresses. Mostly it's about the dresses as it's hard for the men to appear different. Last night there was a lot of red, mullet dresses, lots of slits up the thigh, and lots of odd cutouts in dresses. I confess, there wasn't many dresses that I did like, here are a few. Also you don't see half the dresses or people on the Red Carpet.

I like the green here - she really stands out in this dress.

This might be my favorite dressed couple. I adore the yellow dress! It's simply stunning and makes her stand out!

Very Old Hollywood - this is one of my favorite dresses of the night.

I like the simplicity of this dress - it seems very comfortable.

I love this dress and she looks amazing! This is another of my favorite dresses of the night.

Classic, simple, elegant.

I love this color and Goddess look of this dress. She looks amazing!

Sweet and adorable! Fun and Flirty!

Jane Lynch looked so comfortable. And she ROCKED as the host. Lots of great one line zingers....

Absolutely stunning! And another favorite dress of the night, despite the red.


I love Booth - and he was so playful and entertaining.

As always, he looks adorable all dressed up.

George RR Martin - author of the Game of Thrones. I love it when authors get to attend these events. Although he wasn't thanked by Peter Dinklage, who won for Best Supporting Actor in a drama.

Your thoughts on the fashion of the evening?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that Jane Lynch dress! I loooove purple (it's my favorite) and it looks so fabulous on her!

Also: YAY SHELDON! I love a man in a well-taylored suit. Have you seen Crazy Stupid Love? Wooo, Ryan Gosling. *fans self*