Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: For Keeps

Josie never knew her father, but in the grocery store, her single mother nearly has a heart attack when she sees her old high school sweetheart's parents.

Kate found out she was pregnant with Josie when she was 16. Paul moved away not knowing the whole story. Paul's always been the elephant in the room.

Now his parents have moved back to town.

Josie's half sacred and half hoping she might run into her grandparents. When her grandfather becomes a regular customer at the cafe she works at, she has a small opportunity for contact. Her best friend urges her to get to know him.

Josie's not she wants to open that door.

Just when she's freaking out about her family life, her mother meets a man. He quickly becomes part of their lives. Josie just wishes everything would go back to normal - including her relationship with her mother!

My Thoughts: This reminded me a lot of Gilmore Girls (which I'm REALLY missing!) I loved the relationship between Josie and Kate. I loved Kate's freak out moments. I liked Josie's limited interaction with her new family. I really liked Liz (Josie's best friend) and her two gay Dads were priceless. A fun contemporary novel for fans of Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti!

Cover Thoughts: I'm not crazy about either cover. The hardcover looks like it could be a ghost story. The paperback cover looks like a light hearted romance. Neither of them match the story. (This is the paperback cover, which is better)

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