Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tween Tuesday: Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings:

Three best friends come together to change one life and make fashion history.

Nonie loves fashion, but lacks the talent for design.

Jenny just wrapped up a Hollywood movie. She’s hitting the red carpets where she’s forced to wear hideous dresses. The fashion world is ripping her to shreds.

Eddie wants to save the world. She writes a blog and posts fashion news about Jenny to gain more followers. She’s tutoring a young girl from Uganda. Crow loves fashion and sketches designs all over her papers. Eddie uses fashion to help with her reading – as Crow will read if she’s interested in the subject.

When Nonie meets Crow, she’s determined to help her achieve her dreams. She’d never dream that helping Crow would make fashion history. Crow’s uber talented. She begins selling her clothes at a stall. Soon she has a wait list for her items. Suddenly fashion opportunity looms ahead for her.

Can the three friends held solidify her fashion career?

My Thoughts: I really couldn't wait to read this book after Meg Cabot reviewed it saying how much she liked it. However, it took me most of the book to care about the characters. I couldn’t connect with anyone. About halfway through, things changed. I began to like the characters and thus the story. I enjoyed learning more about Crow and her life in Uganda. I loved the fashion show and how it all came together. It’s the start of a trilogy.

Cover Thoughts: Doesn't really match the book - appears a light-hearted story.

Source: Reviewed for TeensReadToo

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Karen said...

I have this one on my shelf but now I might wait a bit. Thanks for your review.