Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: November Edition

Liar's Moon: I really enjoyed the first book - curious to find out what happens next! GoodReads

Little Women and Me: I LOVE Little Women - so curious about this one! I love the idea of Emily attempting to change the storyline and getting sucked into the novel. GoodReads

Merchant's Daughter: I love the cover! And it sounds thrilling and romantic. GoodReads

Prized: I LOVE the new cover scheme. Gaia must survive in a society where a kiss is forbidden and women rule. I adored the first book! GoodReads

At First Bite: I LOVE Ruth Ames (aka Aimee Friedman). This looks like an adorable tween vampire read! GoodReads

Saving June June's sister Harper wants to uncover the truth about her sister's death. I can't tell if this is the real cover or not.. GoodReads

Future of Us: An Awesome read! I couldn't put it down. I'll review it closer to the release date) It's 1996 and Emma just got AOL. She discovers Facebook and herself in the future. She tells her used-to-be best friend Josh about it. Together they start to realize they can change their futures... GoodReads

Legend: Same - another awesome read. June and Day comes from opposite worlds, but one death brings them closer together than they ever imagined. GoodReads

Kiss of Frost: I Love the first book in the series! I can't wait to see what happens next to Gwen. Plus these covers ROCK! GoodReads

Last Breath: I'm a HUGE fan of this series! What sort of trouble will Claire and her friends get into this time? GoodReads

Darker Still: AMAZING cover! Dark magic, a creepy feeling, a handsome painting, and a girl drawn inside. GoodReads

The Pledge: A violent country, a deadly secret, and an intense attraction! GoodReads

Daughters Join the Party: LOVE this series! A new girl enters the trio - she's the daughter of an important Senator who's running for President. She's never fit in before, but that's where The Daughters come in. GoodReads

Shatter Me: The last time Juliette touched someone - she killed them. Is she a prisoner or a weapon, Described a part Hunger Games and part X-Men! GoodReads

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idiosyncratic bookworm said...

I saw the manga Black Butler on your list "Books on My Nightstand" and just wanted to say that this was the one that turned me into a total manga-fangirl. Read it read it read it! The art is gorgeous, and the plot is superb. :D It is easier to follow the chapters published by reading online, though, since there are only 9 (I think) volumes but a lot more has been covered in new releases outside of the published books.