Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW: Jamie of Perpetual Page Turner

Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner is chatting with us during Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Check out her interview with me and then head on over to her blog.

What made you start blogging? In 2008 I created a College Students group on Goodreads and became obsessed with having a place to talk books with others. Through that group I saw that a fellow member, April of Good Books and Good Wine, had a blog. I kept wanting to do it for FOREVER and finally got a few group members to form The Broke and the Bookish with me in June of 2010. I then promptly created my personal book blog because I just fell in love with being able to blog about books I loved or didn't love and have people actually interact and get excited with me!

What's your favorite bookish moment? I have honestly had so many great bookish moments between all the bookish events I've been to (BEA, author signings, book fests) and just during blogging in general but I'm going to have to say that my first night at BEA meeting some of my very best blogging friends for the first time at a pizza place. It was epic and amazing and I loved the bookish and non-bookish conversations we had and I just couldn't believe that after talking books for so long together that we were finally meeting and having the best time. Really all of BEA was epic for that reason.

What book out in 2012 are you most looking forward to reading? Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver ..I just have to know what happens and I really just love Lauren's writing.

What is your proudest blog moment? Oh goodness. Hmm I think recently was when I pretty much peed my pants when Maureen Johnson (OMG!) recognized me from my Twitter picture (@brokeandbookish)! I just turned to my fiance after we left and (COMPLETELY JOKINGLY) said, "You know, that kind of makes me a BIG DEAL since Maureen knew who I was. You are dating a superstar." He just died laughing at my complete nerddom.
That's Awesome she recognized you.. Maureen Johnson is a ROCK STAR!

What author would you love to meet? I have been very fortunate to a ton of my favorite authors (Laurie Halse Anderson, David Levithan, Megan McCafferty, Libba Bray. I can't even think of them all!) but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet Stephanie Perkins. Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door are two of my all time fave YA novels and I just think she is incredibly sweet and awesome to her fans! I think she is a master of the contemporary YA and I just love her books so hardcore.
I'm jealous that you got to read Lola and the Boy Next Door already!

Thanks Jamie!


Linda said...

Yay Jamie! I love her blog.

Erin said...

Great interview! Jamie is a wonderful blogger. I love how she's always honest and enthusiastic. And I'm so impressed that she runs two blogs. I'm anxiously awaiting Pandemonium, too!

Leslie @ This is the Refrain said...

Great interview! Jamie is such a great blogger, so I loved learning a little bit more about her.