Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Night School

In light of the truth behind their family history, twins Sunny and Rayne are whisked away from the fae side of the family. They’re relocated to the Swiss Alps to a vampire training facility Riverdale Academy.

Rayne, believing she’s the only vampire slayer, receives a rude awakening. She also has a run in with the Alpha slayers – the school’s slayers. They’re hoping to become recruited into Night School. Rayne has a particularly hard time fitting in as she’s a vampire and a slayer. Without the synthetic blood, she grows weaker and weaker.

Sunny goes from crying her eyes out because she can’t communicate with her soul mate Magnus to behaving erratically. Rayne knows that something’s going on with her twin and she’s determined to save her from becoming a fairy princess instead of the regular life that Sunny longs to live

My Thoughts: Rayne’s narrates Night School, the 5th book in the vampire series, complete with snarky dialogue, pop culture references, romance, sisterly drama and protection, action, danger, and tons of fun.

Cover Thoughts: Ok

Source: Reviewed for TeensReadToo

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