Friday, September 30, 2011

Banned Book Quiz:

Celebrate the freedom to read, to choose your own reading material based on your interests, and to find those interests at any library!

Readers should be choosers

My co-worker and I created this banned book bingo, which we used in our 4th and 5th grade book club last year. They had to match book covers with these clues.

How many of these can you name?

Which book is filled with wacky and very funny poems?
Which book series, features a girl growing up without her mother?
What book features a unique family of penguins in a zoo?
What book has a new girl changing the life of one boy when they become friends?
What book features a haunted house in the dead of the night when the clock strikes twelve? Which book forces a boy to choose sides and go against either his brother or his father in the American Revolutionary War?
What book features George and Harold who love playing practical jokes and creating their own comic books?
Which book features a young boy discussing his divorced father's new living situation
Which book features a young artist who draws about the possibilities of life?
Which popular series just wants to scare the pants off you with each new boo – and there are a lot of books?
What popular series features a boy learning about a magical new world?
Which book features a little boy cooking?
Which book talks about growing older?
What first book in a series features a girl who’s scared of a school bus?
Which book features a piece of land so important to one family?
What book features short stories about ghosts?
What book features a mischievous boy who gets other people to do his work?
Which book features a young boy in a futuristic world receiving special training.
Which book series features a family who isn’t very bright?
Which book features a boy who was turned into a mouse?
What popular series features a girl who falls in love with two different boys – who aren’t quite human.
What book features a hunt for one particular boy?

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