Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tween Tuesday: Aphrodite the Diva

When Aphrodite learns of her failing grade in HERO-OLOGY, she tries talking with the teacher. He points out that mortals aren't happy with her because she accidentally started the Trojan War. She also failed to stop by Mr. Cyclops's office when so they could talk about her grade.

Fortunately, he's giving her another chance. He'll allow her to perform extra credit to boost her grade. Unfortunately, it's vacation week.

Now Aphrodite must cancel her plans of traveling with her friends and work on improving her name with the mortals. She decides to offer her match-making skills.

She spreads the word and sets up a mailbox in her room. Two mortal girls from the school sign up to find their perfect match. But it's the letter that arrives torn in two that makes Aphrodite suspicious. She claims half, but the wind must carry the rest of the letter to a goddess girl in Egypt.

Stunned, Aphrodite flies off with her friends to Egypt. There she meets Isis. The two of them agree to a competition: whoever finds the perfect match for Pygmalion she will reign as supreme goddess of Love!

My Thoughts: This is the 6th book in this adorable series. Aphrodite fights against the stereotype of pretty girls - that they can't be both Pretty AND Smart. While she hides the truth about her grades from her friends, she's determined to prove she's more than just a pretty face. I love this distinction. I liked the eventual peace between Isis and Aphrodite. I liked how they were able to look beyond their differences and become friends. A wonderful addition to a charming series of friendship, smarts, beauty, loyalty, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable!

Source: Inter-Library Loan

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Dizneeee said...

Well, that's a cute book cover! I know some 4th and 5th grade girls who would read these books at my school. Bonus that they're AR books!

Suzanne Williams said...

Oh, cool, Lisa. I didn't know Joan's and my Goddess Girls books were AR. What reading level does AR have them pegged at? (Just curious.) Thanks for the lovely review, YABOOKNERD!