Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Bunheads

Hannah's life isn't normal. She's a dancer. She's never had a life outside of ballet. At the age of 14, she moved to New York City alone to dance.

From that moment, dancing has been her life. Lately, she's wondering if it's all worth it. She's never been to prom, never had a real boyfriend, and never had friends who are pedestrians (non ballet girls).

When she meets Jacob, she realizes that in 5 years, she knows nothing about the city she calls home.

Hannah works out hard hoping to move from a senior corps dance to a soloist. Her next change could be just around the corner. But with the rigorous training, her constant diet, and the jealous friendships, she wonders if her sacrifice is worth it.

Hannah feels free while she's dancing, but has dancing stopped being fun?

My Thoughts: I was sold on this book from the moment I heard about it at a Little Brown event. I've always wanted to learn how to dance. I ADORED this novel. I loved the peek into the ballet world. I loved seeing the differences in friendship, food, freedom, and happiness. The work ethic seems crazy, the diet crazy, and all the injuries crazy. It's not a world I understand, but its fascinating. I loved Hannah's inner struggle. I love the passion for the dance and the questions it raises about one's future. I read this book weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it...

Cover Thoughts: LOVE IT! It's unique and refreshing.

Source: Little Brown

Fun Fact: In the book, Hannah visits a museum with Jacob and is drawn to this painting, which was quite shocking at the time it's debut in 1884. Being fascinated with art (Art History minor), I looked up the piece.

I like it, but I think this is more my style:

I LOVE it when a book makes me look up something - it rarely happens.

Watch It: Center Stage shows off a love for dancing.


Jessica said...

I never knew you were an art history minor! I double majored in college, and art history was one of mine, lol! Anyway,I cannot wait to read this because I love ballet. "Center STage" is actually one of my all time favorite movies and if this book is anything like that, I know I will love it!

Anonymous said...

I love it when books make me want to Wikipedia stuff, too! That happened a lot when I was reading Uncommon Criminals, and a few Aussie books. =)

I love the cover for Bunheads!