Friday, September 9, 2011

Ten Things: Natasha Friend

Natasha Friend came to Otis Library this week. We had a great time chatting with her. I met her while at a Sarah Dessen signing at R.J. Julia's Bookstore. She was behind me in line with her newborn girl. I immediately asked her to come to my library and we finally found at date that worked. She was the teen author for our stop on the Connecticut Author Trail. It was a rainy night, but those who came out had a GREAT time!

Chatting about her ideas

The Book Table

Books and Goodies

The Goodies

Reading from Bounce

Here's ten things I learned about her:

1. A lot of people compare her latest book For Keeps to Gilmore Girls (not just me- read my review)
2. For Keeps is actually based on her moving during high school and a rumor started about the reasons for the move
3. She has a pretty good idea who started that rumor.
4. Judy Blume is her HERO and role model. Her story of meeting Judy Blume is hilarious.
5. She passed around Forever to her fellow classmates with the "good" pages marked.
6. She didn't have a TV growing up, which fostered her love of reading.
7. She was the girl who took stacks of books out of the library
8. Her book LUSH was number 6 on the books most challenged in 2010
9. She loved the book The Help - but waited to read it because of all the hype. She was sure she wouldn't like it as much, but she was wrong.
10. She has a new book coming out next year called My Life in Black and White - it's about a beautiful girl who was in a very serious car accident. Her face has massive scarring. She has to figure out who she is now that she's no longer beautiful.

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