Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBAW: How Blogging has changed my reading habits

Book bloggers blog because we love reading. Has book blogging changed the way you read?

I have always love reading. I remember special days when I was little of going to the library and then the Laundromat with my Dad. I remember going to a different library - one that had my last name (no relation) on the building. I remember really reading through middle school and high school. In college, I mostly read during the summers only until my senior year. I took a children's literature course - where we had to read tons of books. I walked downtown to the public library and got a card. And then I checked out a bunch of adult and children's books. I wish I had done this all four years. I started graduate school the following year, reading my first teens books in years. I fell in love with teen literature.

Now, after being a librarian for eight years, and blogging in one form or another for most of that time, my reading habits have changed a bit.

I try to read more middle school reads, more tween reads, and more reads with boys as the main characters. Book blogging and reading other blogs have helped my see I need to be a little more diverse in my reading. I read mostly for pleasure - and I want to the books to be happy and entertaining. However, there are times I need to be aware of certain books and have a sound knowledge of them in order to chat about them with my patrons. Book bloggers are a GREAT resource for this. I don't have to read every book I purchase for teens. Where would I find the time? But it's great that I can know about them from reading blogs. Blog are also great for finding out about upcoming books. It makes my purchasing list so much easier.

My goal for this year is to read 365books - from all ages. As of this morning, I'm at 247 books. Thanks to GoodReads, I can keep track of the number with their reading challenge App. It tells me how many books I'm behind on my goal (that would be 10). I'm grateful for bloggers for introducing me to books, creating buzz around books, and pushing me to read books that I would not normally pick up.


Tere Kirkland said...

Blogging has changed my reading habits, no doubt. I almost never look to amazon lists anymore for what book to read next, I already know about them. Usually I hear some buzz about the book when the ARC comes out, and the inevitable contests begin. Then I put it on my e-book wishlist for my nook.

Next time I'm looking for a book, I check that wishlist first. Saves me a lot of time I could be spending reading!

Great post!

Erin said...

That's a crazy high goal number, and you're well on your way to making it -- I'm impressed! I can see where blogging would help with a book-related job. I love being able to turn to the community for recommendations and discussions whenever I'm in need of either.

Kailana said...

Good luck with your reading goals!

Anonymous said...

You are an incredibly fast reader. Good luck on your goal.

Maya said...

I agree, I've only been blogging since February but it's already changed how I read. Good luck on your reading goal! It's a steep one. :)

365 Great Childrens Books said...

Just found your blog through BBAW's site. I might not feature YA lit on my blog, but I, too, am out to find 365 great books. Best of luck to you!

:) Lauren