Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Secret of Rover

Twins Katie and David are excited to learn they will be getting a new baby sister. They're parents must travel to the foreign lands of Katkajan for the adoption. Katie and David are left in the hands of a babysitter.

Right away Katie notices that the babysitter isn't normal. She's not thrilled to be left alone with her. Katie doesn't mention her unease to her parents as she doesn't want anything to disturb their trip. Katie never dreams her worst fears would become reality.

The babysitter isn't interested in watching them. She's not there to help them; she's there to keep them in line. Katie and David's parents invented a spy technology that the war torn country of Katkajan badly wants. Katkajan people have dangled this baby in front of the family in order to lure them out of into their country. Katie and David's parents are now hostages.

When Katie and David learn about their parents, they formulate a plan. They must travel to Vermont to find their uncle. They've never met their uncle. He lives in wilds of Vermont and has become a hermit. If they can get to him, they might have a chance at rescuing their parents. Can they make the journey from Washington D.C. to Vermont without anyone following them?

My Thoughts: A great thriller for tweens. Secrets of Rover isn't too scary, but contains lots of action and danger. Katie and David are smart, resourceful, and quick on their toes. I love the government secrets and their attempt to help. I love the trip to Vermont. I love the people the twins meet along the way. I hope there are more adventures for Katie and David.

Cover Thoughts: Love the cover and how it portrays the action and the tense scenes

Source: reviewed for TeensReadToo

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I have a core group of tweens who really like thrillers! Thanks for sharing!:)