Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Sweet Venom

Grace and her brother just moved to San Fransisco. Grace's interest in computer science earned her a scholarship to Alpha Academy - a private prep school. Grace has always known she was adopted, but never imaged she'd have a twin.

She meets Gretchen by chance - right in the middle of a monster take down. Gretchen isn't interested in Grace. Gretchen is interested in learning how the monsters are breaking the rules. Previously only one monster can escape their realm at a time. But that night in the club, there are two monsters.

When Grace arrives on her doorstep the following day, Gretchen reluctantly she agrees to give Grace lessons on monster killing. She also tells Grace the history of monsters. She doesn't talk about herself much - her foster families or living on the streets. Despite not being interesting in family bonding, she does tell Grace about Ursula - her missing mentor.

Gretchen wants to know why the monster realm is changing. She wants to fight monsters- not train her sister. Grace wants to learn how to defend herself against all the monsters seeking her out. When she discovers they have another sister, she knows that the the third sister is in grave danger. Can she convince Gretchen to help her save their unknown sister?

My Thoughts: I LOVED this book. I loved the darker tone, the monster fighting, the uniqueness of each sister, the snark, the fighting scenes, the lighter tones of romance and friendship, and each sister rediscovering who they are in light of each other. I didn't want to this book to end, especially after the cliff hanger! I can't wait for book two!!!

Cover Thoughts: LOVE the cover!!!!

Source: from the publisher

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