Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Soul Surfer

I'm not sure I would have seen this movie on my own - but I showed it to my teens at the library. To my surprise, it was the most popular movie of the summer.

I quite enjoyed it.

It was inspirational and sweet with amazing surfing scenes.

The main attack wasn't gruesome (I was actually more frightened of the preparing food scenes involving the knife.)

I loved the friendship between Bethany and her BFF
and surfing competition.

I loved the family dynamic - the teasing and the playful banter, but also their loyalty and strength.

I LOVED the surfing scenes - they were amazing!

I loved the shots during the credits - of the real Bethany Hamilton and her family.

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Jessica said...

I'd been wanting to see this but was afraid it would be too graphic for me. Glad to hear it wasn't that bad! Now,I'll have to check it out.