Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adult Review: It Happened One Autumn

Lillian Bowman and her family are to be the guests of Lord Marcus Westcliff - the most eligible bachelor in London. They will be attending a large house party. Last time, the Bowmans visited Lord Westcliff's house, the man of the house and a friend caught the Wallflowers playing rounders - without all their proper clothes.

This time, Marcus catches Lillian and her sister playing rounders with the stable boys. He's unable to stop himself from joining in or giving Lillian some pointers on her game.

Lillian's never seen this playful side of Marcus. It doesn't last too long. Soon the game ends and they are rushing back to the house for dinner. Marcus and Lillian become stranded in the garden as they attempt to sneak back into the house. Before she knows what's happening, Marcus kisses her.

Lillian isn't any more fond of Marcus than he is of her. She's exceedingly puzzled by his kisses. Is there something drawing them together or could it be her new perfume with the magic ingredient that's attracting Marcus to her?

My Thoughts: The second in series of books - I wanted to read these after I saw The Wallflower Christmas and realized it was part of a series. I love the idea - of four girls, who normally sit on the sidelines of society and watch form a friendship. They make a vow to help marry each other off in order of age. I love the American sisters - Lillian is loyal, fierce, stubborn, daring, and quite determined. I love how her sister tries to smooth away any parental concerns. They have a great relationship. I love Marcus and how he learns to let go of himself - just enough. I adore this series but the ending of this one left me a little scared for Evie - which shows how deeply attached one can become to these characters! I am becoming a HUGE fan of Lisa Kleypas!!!!

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful - I love how it takes place in the garden

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