Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adult Review: Just Like Heaven

Honoria always wanted to hang out with her brother and his friend. She never wanted to be left out of the fun. Now she's grown up and still hates being left out.

Her brother's exiled for a crime he committed. Honoria and her mother don't talk about him. Honoria doesn't like to think how her life might have been different if he was still living with them. Honoria is disappointed with her prospects and her lack of marriagability. She's come to realize that she needs to marry and soon. Honoria's willing to help a potential suitor.

She sets a trap for a potential husband only to have Marcus stumble upon it. She still sees Marcus at society events - he's almost like a brother to her. She's comfortable in his company - as comfortable as she with her musical quartet. As he recovers from the incident - Honoria begins to wonder if she could possbily have feelings for him.

Could their friendship turn into something more?

My Thoughts: I met Julia Quinn at BEA - where I stood in line with several women singing her high praises. This isn't the first Julia Quinn book I've read, but I've quickly come to the conclusion that I need to read more of her work and soon!

I really enjoyed this one. I loved the banter between Honoria and Marcus - from the time they were children to their present behavior. I loved the idea of the musical night as a family tradition, especially since all the musicians are terrible. I love the relationship between the girls performing in the quartet.

* It's the first in a new quartet with characters from her popular Bridgerton series (which I REALLY need to read)

Cover Thoughts: Adorable! And I do understand about the shoes! I love it when cover make sense AFTER I've read the book. It's like belonging to a secret society :)

Source: BEA - signed by the author herself!!!!

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Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

I loved this as well! I've been a long time Julia Quinn fan. I'm jealous you got a signed copy!