Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Bite Club

During a lab, Claire realizes that the professor is having the students run properties on vampire blood. Her partner seems to know a little too much information about vampires. When he takes some blood at the end of the session, Claire tries to stop him.

She's unsuccessful. Claire and her friends go to his dorm room later to try to reason with him. They find him dead - with his throat ripped open. Claire knows something's not right.

She soon discovers that Bishop has escaped and he's ready for revenge.

This revenge might have something to do with the way Shane's been acting lately. He's so angry all the time. Claire and Shane rarely spend any time together and when they do, they're always fighting.

Can Claire figure out Bishop's agenda before Shane breaks her heart into a million little pieces?

My Thoughts: This book was a little different because Shane had a point of view in this book. It was interesting (and disturbing) to read his thoughts. I love this series for the danger, the relationships (both friendship and romantic) and the action. I really liked the addition of the girl who can see the future. I hope to see more of her.

Cover Thoughts: I love the purple and the black combination.

Title Thoughts: I love this title!

Source: my library

Up Next: Last Breath out in November

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YA Book Queen said...

I really need to read this series! Everyone seems to enjoy it :)