Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mysterious Sautrday Review: Pie a la Murder

Della's boyfriend just informed her he has an 18 year old daughter. Her mother has sole custody and she lives in Europe. However, she's asked to move in with him. Della's dumbfounded at the idea. Still she hopes to make the best of it.

She invites Nicholas and Celeste to her cooking show. She debuts easy to make pies.

Hoping to make it in Hollywood, Lindy and Della invite her to a luncheon. There Celeste meets a prominent photographer. She makes an appointment to have her photo taken.

Before long, Della finds Celeste's mother fuming on her doorstep. Apparently the photographer took a very risque photo of Celeste holding a pie.

Now her parents are fuming and want to confront the photographer. It's unfortunate that Nicholas finds his body and Della arrives at the house soon after. Now the police are sure Nicholas murdered him. Can Della keep the police from arresting the wrong man?

My Thoughts: This is the 4th in this delightful series. I love Della. I love her cooking show and her prep work for it. With her connection to the police force, she's very good at figuring out clues and poking her nose in dangerous situations. I love her friendships with her
honorary daughter and her two girl friends. Plus there are yummy recipes to try! The romance between Nicholas and Della go through some real ups and downs in this book, but remain true to their characters. Another wonderful addition to the series!

Cover Thoughts - Clever and fun as always

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