Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adult Review: Overbite

Meena broke up with her vampire boyfriend and hasn't seen him in months. She does however see the future death of another ex-boyfriend. She calls him to warn him. They agree to meet.

Meena doesn't realize he's a vampire until it's too late. He's attacking her. All of sudden Lucien comes out of nowhere and deals with him. Now Meena's hiding the fact that she's seen Lucien - otherwise known as the Prince of Darkness.

Meena's been trying to convince the Palatine that there is good in vampires. They can choose to love. Deep down she knows that Lucien does love her. She wants to protect him, but something's changed in him.

He tells her the Palatine is using her as bait, trying to make her doubt her employer. Could it be possible? Have they planned this elaborate game with her as a pawn? Or is Lucien trying to manipulate her into his arms again?

My Thoughts: A cross-over A/YA title dealing with vampires. I liked this a little better than the first book, Insatiable. There's more of a mystery, more danger, more double crossing, and still the love triangle with Meena at the center between Lucien and Wulf. I loved the bits with Meena's brother. I love Meena struggling with her "gift" and deciding how to tell people their future deaths. I love the parts with Meena and Wolf, although there weren't as many in this book as I would have liked.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it! I love the redesign of the first book to match this one as well. It's creepy, yet elegant. I love the addition of the book in her hands.

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