Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adult Review: Beach Lane

Susie and Mack have been "not dating" for years. They spend all their free time together, but insist they are just friends.

Each wants something more, but they are both afraid to say anything that could destroy their friendship.

Then Mack loses his job. He's not sure of anything at the moment - including his future in Chesapeake Shores. He's pushing everyone close to him away - especially Susie.

Susie's annual doctor's appointment turns into something serious. She's keeping her information between herself and her mother until she knows more.

Can the two of them admit their secret longing for each in the midst of all life throws at them?

My Thoughts: This one hit a little too close to home for me with the illness, but it's still a great story. I loved how this book had Susie as the main character - she's a cousin to Jess, Abby, and Bree. The meddling doesn't stop just with daughters and sons. The O'Briens are known for their love, loyalty, friendship, and inability to keep secrets. I absolutely LOVE this series.

Cover Thoughts: It's adorable - but it's supposed to be Fall and this looks like Spring

Source: my Library

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Out September 27th.

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