Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Murdered, My Sweet

Jenny's mother, Madeline Jakes, is a famous mystery writer.

They're traveling to hear the will of wealthy cousin Arnold Harmony. Arnold owns the famous Harmony Chocolate company - and he's not dead. He's made some changes to his will and wants his family to know.

After dinner, right before the reading of the will, news comes that Mr. Harmony died. Only it's not Arnold Harmony - it's his son Porter.

All of the guest for the reading of the will are suspects. Madeline Jakes thinks she can solve this crime. Jenny, however, knows that while her mother can plot out a great mystery book, solving a real crime isn't the same thing. When Madeline voices her willingness to help the police, Jenny groans.

She knows that she'll have to help out behind the scenes to make sure her mother doesn't ruin her reputation.

My Thoughts: I read this for a middle school book club for the library. I've always thought it looked good and this gave me the perfect excuse to read it! I loved reading about Madeline Jakes - the great writer, but not so great at uncovering real clues. I loved Jenny's frustration with her mother, especially while she finished her mother's sentences and clarified her mother's thoughts. The cast of characters was great and kept me entertained. A fun read!

Cover Thoughts: I like it - I like how it connects to the story.

Source: My Library

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