Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting in the library

If any of you follow me on twitter, you know for the last week of so, I've been talking about painting a mural. It's a GIANT mural for a fall display (and also a contest). It has to be finished by the beginning of next week.

I'm starting to get a little nervous because I'm a little over halfway there and I'm starting to run out of ideas.

So I'm asking you for a little

I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a comment saying the first thing (or several things) that come into your mind when you think of fall.

Here's a few of the things I've already painted:
Covered Bridge
Cows that apparently look like sheep
Church and graveyard
pumpkin patch
farm stand
apple orchard
football field
lots of trees with their leaves changing

Also being so creative at work leaves me little creativity at home. I tried to make a few Halloween cards last night, but I was having a hard time with them, until I realized the painting was zapping my creatively for the moment.

And when it's done, I'll show it off!


Kay Cassidy said...

You are way too talented! If I were the person painting, the cows would probably look more like blobs than sheep. The covered bridge, barn, church... yep. All blobs. Thank goodness your library has you instead of me. :-)

Jessica said...

Apple cider and hot chocolate, apple picking, walks through the woods, fall jackets, "leafers", corn mazes, dogs playing outside, hayrides, scarecrows...