Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Athena the Wise

When a mere mortal arrives at Mount Olympus Academy Athena is called to her father's office. Principle Zeus asks her to keep an eye on Heracles. He doesn't mention that the boy has 12 impossible labors to complete before admission into the school.

Athena takes their talk as a sign to help Heracles perform his tasks. Athena being to care for Heracles and looks forward to spending time with him. However, she's concerned.

She's not able to hang out with her friends. She's struggling to keep up with her studies. Another mortal has challenged her weaving skills. Athena wants to keeping helping Heracles, but not at the cost of giving everything else up. Still she doesn't want to let Heracles or her father down. What's a Goddess Girl to do?

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series - it's sweet, charming, and funny. I love the blend of mythology, friendship, drama, and a touch of romance. It's hard to pick a favorite Goddess Girl because they are all so unique, but Athena might be mine. I liked how Athena influences Heracles and how he influences her. I liked how Athena found unique ways to complete the labors. I also liked how she pulled back when she felt everything spinning out of control. I love the friendship of the Goddess Girls and how they all come together.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable!

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