Friday, December 18, 2015

Upcoming Review: Tell Me Three Things

Jessie's life took a terrible turn. Her mother died a long painful death. Her father came home from a supposed business trip to announce that he's now married and they're moving to L.A.

It's a far cry from Chicago and her best friend.  Jessie's forced to attend the same prep school as her step brother. It's a nightmare. Everyone comes from an uber rich background - except for her.

It's clear that she doesn't fit in. Jessie's going through a horrific time and has no one to lean upon. Then out of the blue, she receives an email from a friend.

This friend, refuses to tell her his identity, but wants to offer her advice on the social scene. Jessie refuses his help, but then reconsiders after a horrible day. Now, thanks to him, she finds a friend. The email worked, but now she and her mysterious supported start IMing and soon she begins to rely on him too.

The more they talk, the more she depends on him. But she still doesn't know his identity. Will they ever meet?
My Thoughts: I Loved this book. On one hand, it's a charming story similar to You've Got Mail but on the other hand, it's about family, bullies, moving, and friendship. There's so much packed into this story. I devoured this one, wanting to know what happened and know the identity of the mystery friend.

My heart broke for Jessie - for dealing with the death of her mother, for trying to understand her new life without much help from her father, and for navigating through the waters of a new school with horrific mean girls. 

I really liked how going back helped her gain some perspective and how she took back control. 

I LOVED the three things.

In that aspect: I'm going to share three things
1. I'm so glad that I'm not in high school with today's technology. The possibility of evil is so high.

2. I married a boy from high school - although we didn't talk much to each other then

3. He's the only person I really talk to from my high school class with the exceptions of a few facebook comments. If it wouldn't change my future, there are a few relationships I'd go back in time to change. 

Cover Thought: Love the heart waffles
Source: ARC sent for review
Release Date: April 15th 2016
Final Thoughts: Add this one to your TBR list pronto! Trust me, it's that good.

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