Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mini Review: Jane Austen's First Love

At fifteen, Jane Austen wanted to write, she wanted to find love, and she wanted to be useful. Upon visiting her brother, she meets a boy not much older than she. He's handsome and charming. Could love be in the air?
The Good:
I could see inspiration from Jane's writing forming in this novel
The flirting
The advantages Jane has during this time
Jane breaking the rules
The Author's Afterword is fascinating
The Bad:
Jane is not the best matchmaker (and neither is Emma) but she does make some horrible choices.
Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this fictional meeting between Jane Austen and a potential suitor. As a Jane Austen fan, I'm always intrigued by her love life.

Cover Thoughts: Love
Source: Sent for Review
Fun Fact: Jane Austen was born on this day 241 years ago
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Susan said...

I have this novel on my nook. I really need to read it!