Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Book Review: Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

* Book 8 in the Life in Icicle Falls series *
Tilda just bought herself a house and can't wait to move in and get situation. Then she realizes that her house is on Candy Cane Lane and she's expected to have numerous outdoor decorations to match the rest of the street.

Ivy wants to give her two kids the perfect Christmas, but she's having a hard time finding the joy. Her husband left her, leaving her alone with the kids. Everyone misses him, but he made his choice.

Maddy wants the decor to be perfect for the lane. She's in charge of making sure there's a Mrs. Claus handing out candy canes to little ones as they drive through with their parents. Maddy's daughter is getting to that age where she wants to hang out on her terms. Jordan isn't at all happy with the time her mother gives to her project.

Can these three women find happiness on their own terms...
My Thoughts: A fantastic Christmas story that centers on these three women and their friendships and romances.

I liked Tilda and how she had a no nonsense approach to life. She could handle anything. I loved her cooking attempts.

I loved Ivy and how she attempted to juggle everything - and how it never seemed to work out the way she imagined. Her kids were cute and a handful. 

I felt bad for Maddy - how she wanted the town to have a perfect time looking at their decorations and dealing with family drama.

I love reading more about Icicle Falls and seeing familiar places and people. I wouldn't mind visiting myself - especially for the holidays.

Cover Thoughts: Lovely
Source: My Library

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Anonymous said...

Awww! My mother always put up lights around the windows and decorated a tree, but we were never an ALL-OUT kind of decorating family. As a kid, I DREAMED of living on a street like Candy Cane Lane.