Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tween Tuesday Review: Shadows of Sherwood

After sneaking out one night to scavenge for mechanical parts, Robyn Loxley's returns home one night to find her parents missing and the house torn apart. Robyn's afraid they've been murdered.  She escapes into the woods, where's she's caught by the police.
After escaping jail, Robyn teams up with two unlikely friends. She learns the Governor staged a coup, getting rid of his opponents, including Robyn's parents.

Robyn soon realizes that her parents have prepared her for this event, with a list of clues. Desperately she tries to interpret the clues while staying hidden. She learns of the injustices of Sherwood and works to help out those less fortunate.

That only gets her into further trouble with the Governor and his crew. Can she stay one step ahead of him and work towards her goals?
My thoughts: I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. It took me a while to get into the book. I liked the action and the danger and the social justice. I liked Robyn understanding more about Sherwood and the people in the city. I really liked Laurel and how she brought out a softer side to Robyn.  I really liked Scarlet too - she had serious skills.

I liked that Robyn was a biracial female - that changed up the retelling a bit.

I wasn't crazy about the Moon Lore - maybe that's because I didn't fully grasp how it tied into the book. It felt a little out of place for me. 

I wasn't crazy about Robyn not sharing all her information with her friends either. 

Still, I'm eager see what happens next...

Cover Thoughts: Love the action
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How fun! I haven't heard of this book before, but it sounds good.

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