Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review: Meant to Be

Julia's excited to be spending her spring vacation week in London - until she realizes that her friends aren't going and even worse she's partnered with her nemesis for the trip. Jason's just so...goofy, annoying, and smug. Julia can't believe she's stuck with him.

The first night, he takes her to a party. She lets loose for the first time. She becomes someone braver, someone interesting, someone who's not a know it all.

Afterwards, the two strike up a bargain. Jason will help Julia text flirt with a boy she met at the party and in turn Julia will write up their assignments.

Julia's vision of this trip changed the minute she was partnered with Jason, but he brings her places she never knew about. Could she be seeing him a whole new light?
My Thoughts: I took this book with me on vacation and devoured it. I felt like Julia was a modern day nonmagical Hermoine Granger. She's always reader, knows everything, and maybe needs to have a little more fun. I like how she tries to break out of her shell during the party - and how the spirals out of control. I love traveling around London with the tour group and with Jason and Julia on their own. I loved the banter between Julia and Jason. I loved getting to know Jason better - between the singing and the graffiti park moments. I liked how Julia had a grand idea of romance after hearing the stories about her parents falling in love. A really fun novel, perfect for a library collection.

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I really liked reading this piece about the evolution of the cover
Source: Gifted from my #otspsecretsister

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