Sunday, November 20, 2016

In My Shop

The Holiday season is upon us. I'll be showing off a few items every week in my shop just in case you're in need of some gift ideas.
First I want to say that I still have some handmade Christmas/Holiday cards left.

But if your person is into animals, I have some earrings you might like.

Owl EarringsOwl Earrings
Owl and Owl

Giraffe EarringsMonkey Earrings
Giraffe and Monkey

Hedgehog EarringsFox Earrings
Hedgehogs and Foxes

Turtle EarringsDolphin Earrings
Turtles and Dolphins

Plus don't forget my coupon code: BOOKNERD16

And coming soon: Elephants, Lions, Dogs, oh my!

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