Friday, November 11, 2016

Adult Review: My American Duchess

Merry meets the Duke outside on a balcony during a party. She doesn't know his true identity and from his clothing, he's not a stuffed peacock. She lets her guard down and shows her American ways.

The Duke can't helped but be charmed by her. Even if she's already broken off two engagements and came to England to find a husband. Before he can think about courting her, the news hits him. She's the girl his brother asked to marry this morning.

His twin brother. The brother he hates. The brother who doesn't appreciate Merry. Trent isn't about to let him win...
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I loved how different Merry was from the other women of society. I loved that she wasn't perfect, that she fell in love easily. I felt bad that she fell for terrible men. I loved the banter and the honest moments between Trent and Merry. I love how protective Merry felt for her aunt and uncle. I love how she battled society when they tried to take her down. I loved Trent. I felt terrible for him and for his family drama. I love that Merry didn't hide her differences including her intelligence.  Of course the pineapple scene was amazingly clever. I do like how that turned out.  

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous, it's perfect in every way
Source: Purchased
Book: Stand Alone
Library Recommendation: Heck yes, purchase for romance collections

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