Monday, November 21, 2016

Mini Review: Dead House

Kaitlyn rules the night and Carly holds on to the day. Two personalities in the same body, almost like sister, but never in the same place. People died and a school burned down. Could one of them be responsible?
The Good:
Told in alternate formats: series of diary entries, transcripts, interviews, camera footage, and even medical notes.
The evidence raises more questions
Creepy plot twists: Kaitlyn's traumatized - is she hallucinating? or disturbed? Are these things actually happening to her?

The Bad:
Story took place 25 years ago, but seems modern
I wish Mala (the religion/belief) was explained better, I feel like I didn't understand it enough.
It was hard to keep things straight because of the timeline and understanding of keep ideas

Overall Thoughts: A entertaining creepy read. I wish it was a little deeper, but most teens will enjoy the read. Recommended for public libraries.

*I can't comment on the art, because the ARC didn't have any. I feel like this would have enhanced the story.

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