Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Picture Book Review: Maple

When Maple is born, her parents plant her a tree. She loves her tree; they are good friends. When Maple has a new baby sister, she's not sure she want to share her tree. But she comes up with an idea to make everything just right.
My Thoughts: I love stories about sisters (I'm the youngest sister). This book was sweet and it tugged my heartstrings. I loved how Maple's parents planted her a tree, a wonderful thought. I loved how Maple loved her tree and how she shared that love with her sister. I loved the bonds between the sisters - always there but sometimes not always happy together. This book is perfect for girls about to become big sisters. Or perfect for just a sweet story.

Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for All public libraries.

Source: I randomly picked this up at my library and loved it. When I found out there were two other books, I immediately ordered them for my library. I can't wait to read them!

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