Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Book Review: Twelve Days of Christmas

Julia can't figure out why her neighbor Cain is so grumpy. But when he steals her newspaper right in front of her, she realizes that she must do something!  While complaining to her best friend, her friend suggests that she kill him with kindness and blog about it for her potential job promotion.  She starts small by bringing up his newspaper in the morning, buying him a cup of coffee, and always giving him a great big smile.

At first, it doesn't appear to be working, but cracks appear in his grumpiness, especially after she accuses him of stalking her. He begins to count on her cheerful mornings, more than he would like.

Can Julia bring a new outlook to Cain just in time for the holidays?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story. Julia and Cain had wonderful moments together with great banter playing off her cheerfulness and his grumpiness. I like how annoyed he appeared to be with her but at the same time couldn't stop thinking about her. I love how Julia wanted to do good in the world - and volunteered for various organizations. I like how their feelings started to change towards each other. I really enjoyed Cain's grandfather. I love the turning point of the book, when both the characters ended up sick and the outcome. If you're looking for a Christmas romance, this one is perfectly wonderful.

The Message: With all Julia's do gooding and reading this right around the election, this book made me think about becoming more active and doing more things for the community.

Cover Thoughts: Charming, but doesn't really match the book
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must purchase for public libraries; it's not the Christmas Season without a holiday story from Debbie Macomber!

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Jessica said...

My Mom and I both liked this book! It's perfect for Christmas! :)