Monday, November 7, 2016

Mini Review: The Flip Side

Charlie Ryland wants it all - and she's willing to go to great lengths to keep her two identities secret for as long as possible. Sooner or later the truth will come out about who Charlotte really is, but Charlie's hoping that will happen on her terms and after she qualifies for the Olympic gymnastics team.
The Good:
I didn't want to put this book down, I read it over two nights and stayed up late the second night to finish it.

  • I loved the double lives - the double friends.
  • I loved the moments when they crossed over
  • I loved the training moments
  • I loved the moments between Charlie and her brother
  • I loved the secret
  • I loved how hard Charlie/Charlotte pushed herself, even when life seemed to be spinning out of control.
  • I loved the student government angle
  • I didn't like the speical treatment, but course it happens and I like how Charlie handled it.

The Bad:
There were a few places where the editing could have been a little tighter. A few times I was jarred out of the story.

Final Thoughts: Great for your gymnastic loving fans, or readers who wish to be famous, or anyone getting pumped up for their own sporting event.

Cover Thoughts: I actually really like this cover (especially the guy with the book) but it doesn't match any scene in the book, which saddens me. I almost wish there was an addition scene based on it!

Library Recommendation: Grab it for your library!

I wrote a little bit about it on the teen library blog

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Jessica said...

I really liked this book, too! :)