Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Driving Heat

* Book 7 in the Nikki Heat series * 
A promotion brought Nikki Heat to the rank of Captain. When Heat's psychologist turns up murdered on her first morning, she's surprised to see Rook's on the surveillance video going into the office. He won't tell her why he was at the office. Heat doesn't appreciate being kept in the dark, especially when she feels it will help her case. Files were stolen from the office and she's worried about them falling into the wrong hands.

In order to make her team run smoothly, she jointly promoted Roach to run the case. But even Raley and Ochoa are trying to one up each other for the permanent promotion.

Throw in the fact that Nikki's getting cold feet about the wedding and tension between her and Rook escalates. This investigation brings out the worst in all the relationships in this book. Can they work together and solve the murder before the murderer comes for one of them?
My Thoughts: As a huge fan of the show, I'm happy when more Richard Castle books come out. This one wasn't my favorite - mostly because all the characters were at each other's throats and I didn't enjoy that type of tension. The overall mystery pushes to book forward with lots of suspects, clues, and dead ends. I love the tidbits that overlap the TV show and the book.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library
Final Thoughts: If you're a fan of the show, read these books!

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