Friday, October 16, 2015

Adult Review: She Went All The Way

Lou Calabrese writes screenplays. In fact, she just wrote a powerhouse script that shot her ex-boyfriend to instant fame. Immediately afterwards, he broke up with her after 10 years relationship and married his co-star.

Now Lou is in Alaska on her way to a film location with a star Jack Townsend. She and Jack have never gotten along. It could have something to do with the fact that the line he changed a blockbuster movie became his catch phrase.

She's not the only one who doesn't like him. In the helicopter, Lou's stunned to see the pilot pull out a gun and point it at Jack. The pilot confesses that he's been hired to kill the action. Instead, Jack and Lou fight for their lives as the helicopter crashes. They manage to escape, but winter in Alaska with a storm on the way isn't the best place to be. Can they find their way back to safety without killing each other?
My Thoughts: I love Meg Cabot - so it's no surprise how happy I was to find a book I hadn't read in a used bookstore. Of course I loved this book; it read like an action movie with more romance than usual. It was amazingly good.

I loved the Hollywood plot line -seeing the screenwriter mix with the actors. I loved the banter between Lou and Jack - even in times of complete danger. I enjoyed the survival story in the wildness while they fought for their lives from the bad guys. 

Plus the story line with their parents was sweet and charming. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute - but doesn't covey the action of the story
Source: Purchased
Final Thoughts: Lots of action and danger plus romance = perfect combination.

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